"Pimp My Tent!"

Modify your existing structure with only a few supplements!


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In our "Pimp My Tent" campaign we will show you how you can modify your existing standard structure to a new fancy construction. Only with a few supplements! See how easy it is to pimp your tent to a Monopitch Structure. For various events and seasonal opportunities.


 Supplementary set

 for uniflex P3N Type monopitch 10,3/400-650 x 15 m

 Frame Parts  
 Extension beam 4
 Eave beam P3N overhang 4
 Frame pole monopitch…/650 P3N 4
 Profile rail for top of monopitch pole 4
 Gable wall beam  2
 Portal beam and wall bracing cable        2/4
 Cover Parts  
 Roof cover monopitch 10,3 w. 1 m roof overhang 3
 Gable cover left side 1
 Gable cover right side 1
 Keder rail gable cover P3N 2


 - Events
 - Festivals
 - Exhibitions
 - Trade Shows
 - Sports
 - Hotel
 - Catering
 ... and many more