Reading Room for Broadgate’s Literary Greats

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As part of the Literary Greats season Broadgate have commissioned a unique space in Finsbury Avenue Square; The Broadgate Reading Room. This innovative ‘off the shelf’ temporary event building is a ‘plug in and play’ modular system installed by Losberger.

The event space has the look and feel of a contemporary high quality permanent building but was delivered and assembled in just 6 hours. Its modularity means you can add additional sections to increase the size of the 30sqm room in 6m x 2.5m increments. Another great advantage of these modular buildings is that they are stack-able; meaning you can add a second level and even a roof terrace. The shape and speed of installation means these glass fronted units are perfect for this type of city centre event, easy to brand, install and customise.


The Reading Room is open to the 30,000 or so people who work at Broadgate every day until the 20th of May, as well as those visiting or passing though.

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