An unusual police station

  • Police department Hannover

The Hanover Police Authority designed an unusual police station with us. The exposed location in front of the Turkish Consulate in Hanover under guard all round the clock caused the police to have the equipment and the appearance of the container module designed by an architect.


The result is impressive. The facade made out of panels in a warm timber tone contrasts with the matt-grey frames of the large sized windows and harmonises with the trees standing in the consulate garden. The standard size of the container module 3001 Plus had to be altered for the police station: instead of 6 metres times 3 metres, a size of 3.8 metres times 1.8 metres was produced.


The station was planned and manufactured individually. Niches 0.5-metre long project from the front sides of the module in each case. In this way, the architect created more space inside while at the same time breaking up the facade with its decorative wood design cladding. Room-high windows with frames in matt aluminium play their part in achieving an attractive appearance for the small structure. Inside the module provides a corner seating area with a tabletop made of genuine mahogany, linoleum was selected for floor covering. The police station was entirely made by us, including the necessary electrical equipment. 

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