The temporary solution:

Grand Cayman‘s Airport tackles Overcrowding.

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The Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman is the main international airport of the Cayman Islands and the main base for Cayman Airways. 

Especially in the busy tourist season this fact becomes noticeable. Since many years the Airport has to deal with capacity problems and overcrowding.

A permanent expansion is planned, but apart from the fact that this will be associated with massive investments, the main problem is that it will take up to three years to finish it and put it into operation.

In December 2014 the Cayman Islands Airports Authority finally decided that it would be impossible to wait for the completion of the permanent expansion.

They searched for a solution which is quickly ready for use but also as comfortable and useful as a permanent building.

They decided to expand the existing Airport with a multiflex plus P7 9/250 x 36 m from Losberger which serves as a departure lounge and provides plenty of room for almost 230 passengers. Since the tent is equipped with flooring, walls comprising white cassette elements and glass elements and additionally with interior like air condition and monitors, the wishes and demands of the Authority could be perfectly complied.

Furthermore Losberger provided two containers from Losberger Modular Systems which offer additional toilets.

It only took 4 days to build up the departure lounge and already in December it could be put into operation.