100 years Losberger De Boer - A success story

Personal insights into experiences with Losberger De Boer


In our centennial year we at Losberger De Boer can look back on a whole century of company history. It is characterized by the successes that have been celebrated and challenges that we’ve overcome together. All these stories ultimately contribute to Losberger De Boer, a company we are proud of.

The story of Losberger De Boer was written by people who have passionately contributed to the company's success. That is why we would like to share in our anniversary year several personal stories from employees, customers and business partners in order to present our company’s history:


a.usta.jpg Ali Usta – Project Manager for Event and Sports Hospitality. In his interview, he talks about exciting projects, personal experiences and what motivates him in his daily work. To the interview 

Construction historian and university lecturer Karl-Eugen Kurrer:

‘My time at Losberger was very important for my professional development’. To the interview

 JochenKolb_Vorschau.jpg  Jochen Kolb – Area Sales Manager talks about his first impressions in India and how he sold the first Losberger tent in India. To the interview

Marije Bouwman – International Project Manager. My story is about how I came to work at Losberger De Boer: To the interview

 Florian_100x100.jpg  ‘When I saw the event on TV, I was proud to tell people I was there’

Florian Poppendieker – Tent Builder: To the interview


Erik Kübler – "We were called upon by Lufthansa, which was working for the German government. They were transforming an Airbus 340 into a flying hospital, to bring back aid workers who were infected, so they needed a way to put everyone in quarantine.” To the interview


Sr. Project Manager Rafaela Kornheisl - "One of the most satisfying projects I have ever worked on, was in Dubai. We built two revoflex structures for a large luxury hotel in the middle of the desert, which was very complicated. To the interview

Joe Langehaug  “Every day I wake up with a big smile on my face because I get to do what I love. I have a true passion for the tenting industry and am proud to be representing the greatest products and company in the world." Joe Langehaug - Sales rep at Losberger De Boer US. To the interview
Petra Malz

After a lot of calculations, preparations and consultations in three different languages, she delivered the first large halls to a very satisfied client in Italy. Petra Malz - Project Manager at Losberger De Boer Germany. To the interview