‘When I saw the event on TV, I was proud to tell people I was there’

Florian Poppendieker – Tent Builder




“I am now in my 4th year with Losberger De Boer. I was working as a subcontractor at dismantling structures at German Protestant Kirchentag. I enjoyed it very much; so much in fact that I applied for the job of Tent Builder. I was hired on the spot.


I was given a warm welcome by the entire Losberger team. I started working on a project at the World Cup Biathlon and marveled at all the things that were possible in the tenting sector. When I saw the event on TV, I was proud to tell people I was there.


In 2015, when the European refugee crisis started, I worked on my first project including the Losberger Housing Unit (LHU) together with Mr. Thomas Kaisler. We were able to incorporate our own ideas successfully and help a lot of refugees, which I enjoyed very much. People still talk about that project to this day and we received high praise from the management.


I think fondly of many other projects, both in Housing Units, Events and special constructions. On the whole, my job is a lot of fun. There have been numerous projects that have challenged us every day anew. From the beginning of planning to implementation to customer handover, we have always handed over the best possible product to the customer's satisfaction. You can only implement projects like that successfully, if you have a great team behind you, like the team I have behind me at Losberger De Boer. I am very proud to play my part in the success of the company.