Starting out as a corporate student, Sr. Project Manager Rafaela Kornheisl has been with Losberger De Boer for 16 years now.

This is her story:




“When I started studying International Business, I had no idea what the tent business was. Tents were not a part of my life, at all. After deciding to combine work and studying at Losberger De Boer, all of a sudden I saw tents everywhere. Same as buying a new car, you start seeing them all the time. Which happened to me, with tents. Suddenly, tents where everywhere in my life and I’m glad they are still now.


In the beginning of my studies, I started out at the textile department. I like sewing, I’ve even sewn my own wedding dress, and therefore it was a great place to start my career. The machines where huge and very powerful, much different than what I was used to. I immediately noticed that this work was very physically demanding. The fabrics are heavy and you need to pull very, very hard. I had to get up at six in the morning and work hard all day. I was knocked out after my first day.


I am glad I did it! In my opinion it is very important for people with office jobs to realize how hard physical labour is. For example sewing tent sails or to set up temporary structures. Meanwhile I noticed that Losberger De Boer does things differently. Our method might take more time and cost a bit more, but it’s only in the sense of good quality.


After three years, I wrote my thesis about the location of our new branch, which should be either in Chile or Brazil. At that time Chile made a lot more sense. After that I was asked to stay and work for the Export Department in Germany and I was happy to accept.


One of the most satisfying projects I have ever worked on, was in Dubai. We built two revoflex structures for a large luxury hotel in the middle of the desert, which was very complicated. The revoflex structure is a combination of the French Revolution roof and a German Losberger substructure. I think that this is a great construction and I hope to see a lot more of those structures out there in the near future. For after sales purposes, we went over to Dubai. There was no other hotel around, so we stayed at the only hotel there. It was in the middle of nowhere but next to our structures - which was great. The project lasted quite a long time from inquiry status till handover. At the end the client was extremely satisfied, and I have to say: it looked really amazing. So we started our journey back to Germany filled with lots of impressions and some orders in our luggage.


I have been a Senior Project Manager for several years now. A few years ago, before the merger, a customer in Dubai wanted a double decker that was easy to assemble and disassemble like the Losberger structures, but with the look and feel of De Boer’s Emperor structure. It was meant for a major, high profile golf event. We came up with a wonderful solution we called “doubleflex”. For the first floor we used a maxiflex and the rest of the structure was uniflex. That way, they had a structure with the charm of an Emperor, but could be placed as a single floor uniflex as well - comes in quite handy for tent rental business. It was a nice and innovative solution that we created, which shows that both companies Losberger and De Boer were asked to come together long before the merger.


I see a bright future for our company, we have a lot of potential. Not only do we have a good product portfolio, but even better people working here. A lot of us have been working here for over ten, fifteen years. We have a great deal of experience and know everything about our products as well as of each other. And most importantly, we love our company, our customers and products!”