My story is about how I came to work at Losberger De Boer.

Marije Bouwman – International Project Manager




"In 2014, I was Project Manager in a congress center for a major event in The Netherlands, The Nuclear Security Summit. De Boer had won the contract to supply the Head of Delegation entrance and the media center. I was responsible for the outside area of the congress center and, by extension, everything De Boer was going to build.


De Boer built a Jumbo and several Alu Halls, in combination with Walkways and a Nexus. The Delta that served as the entrance to all the world leaders was the cherry on top. I thought the Delta was spectacular. They also helped me with several important things, such as discussing technical topics with the City. That felt reassuring, I knew we had found the right partner.


I remember being overwhelmed with the amount of trucks that came the first day, and how quickly everything was offloaded. The arrival of the trucks from Alkmaar marked the start of the construction part of the entire project, so I was very happy to see them get to work so swiftly. They worked day and night to get the job done.


During the project, I had a lot of contact with Barbara (Account Manager) and Eva (Project Manager), my point of contact. There was a ‘click’. Communication was very pleasant and we stayed in touch after the project was done. I worked for GL Events at the time and after a while, I was sent to Toronto, Canada, for the Pan American Games, as a project manager for tents!


When I came back to the Netherlands and my regular job at the congress center, which has nothing to do with tents, I started missing working on these projects. So I got in touch with Barbara again, we had coffee and… I ended up getting hired as Project Manager for international events!


I am very happy to work at Losberger De Boer. My personal highlight was the Longines project, where we built an Kubo at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. The site was located at the beach and had a spectacular view. Although I didn’t have a minute to spare to even get my feet wet in the first 1,5 week, it was still a great project.”