Introducing Losberger De Boer in incredible India

by Jochen Kolb




“Arriving from Germany in Delhi for the very first time, you enter a completely different world. It is loud, it is overcrowded, there are thousands of different smells. You see hundreds of people waiting for their loved ones, using hundreds of cars without having proper streets. You notice that all drivers are sounding their horns, even when they don’t even move at all. But nobody cares.


A taxi ride to remember

An old Ambassador taxi (an Indian car designed in the 1950’s) brought me to the hotel. It was a ride to remember, as the taxi used unpaved roads and had no headlights. The driver needed to use the emergency brake several times, to avoid crashing into an unsecured road sites. I saw him overtaking dark obstacles which finally appeared to be elephants, with red blinking lights on their tail. And let’s not forget all the cows and pigs in the streets.

Bringing Germany to India

Despite the huge culture clash, we decided to introduce our Losberger tent during a typical German wine festival, to bring the product closer to the client. Such a product was completely unknown in India at that time.


A lot of people out of the rental, event and exhibition industry were invited to see and feel an Alu clearspan tent for the very first time. We served German wine. A German baker made German bread and Swabian Bretzels. A German Chef prepared Swabian dishes and a German band played German music.

The visitors enjoyed their first taste of German engineering (and German cuisine) very much. It was fun to see the Indians tasting German Maultaschen with potato salad, drinking wine and dancing to German music.


Most importantly, this event was a big success and was repeated for many years more. The tent was sold and this was the start of a successful story for Losberger De Boer in the incredible country that is India.”