After a lot of calculations, preparations and consultations in three different languages, Petra Malz delivered the first large halls to a very satisfied client in Italy.

This is her story:

Project Manager Petra Malz


Mobile fair hall from Losberger De Boer

“My favorite project is one that I handled completely, from start to finish. In February 2018, a client contacted me, because he wanted to build an additional exhibition hall for a large fair in Pordenone, which is about 70 km from Venice. Together with his son Michele, he runs the company ExpoSicam, which organizes trade fairs for suppliers of furniture and kitchen manufacturers. This fair has nine fully booked halls.


In March, we went over there for an on-site appointment to measure the space and to see how we could connect our structure to the ninth existing hall. Meeting all the parties involved communicating in a mixture of Italian, English and German, which was a little bit strenuous but also a lot of fun. After the drawings, plans and quotation were made, the client came to Fürfeld with his son, to finalize the last technical details. We gave him a tour of the company and he was very impressed.


There was a lot of work to be done before we could start. Calculations, proofs and certificates had to be submitted to the responsible authorities in Pordenone. Calculations for a separate structural analysis were done by a test engineer and we had to send in material samples with proofs. All required changes were incorporated into our drawings and finally we got the green light from local authorities.


Construction started on 27 September 2018. We did the last tests on site, the test engineer and the safety engineer gave their ok and finally, the time had come to start building.


Everyone was excited to start and construction went really well. We were able to take the customer's own grid ceiling with lighting into account and we connected the new structure to the existing hall with two Arcum 3x3m roofs. We also supplied the client with toilets and heating. After ten days, we handed two halls over to the client, with a span width of 25.5 meters, lengths of 50 and 75 meters and a side height of 6.80 meters. This was the first time Losberger De Boer did a project like this in Italy.


The client, who was initially very critical, was highly satisfied. To me personally, this project was a massive challenge, as it was both complex and a lot of work. That’s why I was very pleased to hear that the client signed a follow up order in April 2019!”