Childcare centre “Wiesengrund” built out of container modules

Modular space suitable for childcare and education

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Childcare places for 91 children

For the city of Zwenkau, close to Leipzig, Losberger De Boer realised a new childcare centre on 1,000 square metres for up to 91 children and adolescents. Bright, spacious and clearly structured rooms for indoor activities, relaxation and sanitary were created within a two-storey building, incorporating a passenger lift. Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the room modules, the building with an excellent view of the nearby lake had been completed within five months.


Responsible division within municipality is convinced

Modular construction has become socially acceptable, not only in the industrial and commercial sector but also for matters of municipalities where space is needed within a short period of time. Considering the childcare centre “Wiesengrund” Losberger De Boer has once again proven that modular construction brings together aesthetics and the well -known feel-good factor easily. The entire facility was planned for long-term use and takes all necessary guidelines and standards such as sound insulation, EnEV, EEG, fire protection, accident prevention and accessibility into account.


Transparency for residents

During the construction period residents of Zwenkau were welcome to get a small foretaste of the new childcare centre. "With glimpses behind the scenes and short tours of the facility, we were able to overcome the initial skepticism of local residents towards buildings out of container modules" explained Rüdiger Stipp, Managing Director of Losberger Modular Systems GmbH.