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Our jubilee thank-you


How positive characteristics can help you to become 90 years old


Passion, safety, family or partnership - these are all concepts which have breathed life into the Losberger brand since the very beginning. In 2009, the "90 years of successful history" campaign took up these characteristics and created an integrated representation of the tent and system hall manufacturer from Bad Rappenau with a range of activities for customers and visitors. All this culminated in an international jubilee event held, with around 500 invited guests, on November 12 under the motto of "To be continued".

Just how powerful a company's identity is can certainly be judged by the way it celebrates. At the important official Losberger jubilee event on the occasion of the company's 90th birthday, followed by a "Thank-you" party, many details showed why this company, so rich in traditions, is one of the major companies world-wide in its field. In addition to the stylish, sophisticate ambiance, here, once again, was plenty of proof of the company's ability to concentrate on what is important. No interminable hymns of praise which "celebrate" the company in the vaguest of ways - what the 500 or so guests heard in the course of the evening was simply a welcoming address from the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and a historical review from the managing director. "It was a deliberate decision," says Friedrich Losberger, because from his point of view, "it's not just a few people who should be on the stage, but also the partners, customers, suppliers and most of all the employees who, together, represent the Losberger family."

Consistency and trust

Using the company's history as a background, it was the managing director himself who described two features which helped the company to steer successfully through wars and crises. The development into a reliable and substantial company was only possible as a result of the consistent expansion of various product lines, company departments and markets. Given this growth, in particular on international markets, success was characterised by a second feature. "It was only by placing our trust in the right partners and employees as well as the result of their charisma and humanity that we were able to approach projects involving more than one country and to implement worldwide marketing strategies," were the managing director's words of praise.

From selling sacks to becoming a global player

The events which took place during 90 years of tent history were narrated by means of the personal touch. This started in 1919 when the present managing director's grandfather registered the company in Heilbronn as "Friedrich Losberger, Sackhandlung" (sack dealers), with a bank account, a company stamp and a second-hand Adler typewriter, right up to becoming a global player in the event tent and light construction hall sector in 64 countries. In the early days, surely nobody could ever have imagined that the Losberger family enterprise would come to play an important role in German economic history and is now one of the leading manufacturers, sellers and hirers of mobile event rooms and system halls.

In praising the innovative strengths and entrepreneurial courage of the management, Achim Ühlin from the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, paid tribute by saying  that Losberger was an excellent example of why and how the Heilbronn-Franken economic region had developed so well in recent decades.

Just how wide-ranging the Losberger group's product range is today, 90 years after the firm was founded, is something shown not only by the tent sector and the dynamic developments with regard to system and individual hall construction, but also in the company's newest set of products, Losberger RDS. The tents and halls developed for use in disaster management, rescue operations and by the military are also employed as mobile hospitals, shelters, hangars, air-conditioned warehouses, etc.

Answers found - showing the way

Friedrich Losberger continued: "Starting with a tent used as a stable up to today's two-storey tent, from the light construction hall to tents used by rescue services - we have always found sustainable responses to the changes in the market. We have survived crises, and we have often shown the way in the world of tents and halls." Today, for the founder's grandson, "Original Losberger" means careful quality assurance and a high degree of willingness to provide service, in particular with regard to consultancy. "Made by Losberger, in the best possible way," as the managing director put it.

Showpieces und good conversations

The celebrations themselves were also "typically Losberger", with many special and varied attractions. The "Hall of History" took the guests on a journey through time with photographs of the founder of the company and the most moving events of the last 90 years. Live music and first-class catering ensured that the atmosphere just got better and better every minute. Here, once again, was ample proof that the renting of tents is more than at home in the field of exclusive events. The evening provided opportunities for celebrations and good conversations. And once again it was the characteristics and virtues themselves which marked the highlights during the course of the evening, whether it was the fire of the passion which announced a hot limbo show, or the language of the drums which crosses boundaries. Kelvin Kalvus - well-known to fans of "Das Supertalent", the successful RTL casting show - and his acrobatic act involving balls and juggling, represented the equilibrium of change and movement. The guests experienced an entertaining and varied party.

"With our jubilee event, we did, of course, want to make positive statements," Friedrich Losberger stresses. "Such an event gives people time to reflect on what was, gives them an opportunity to celebrate, and also to think about the future. We are ready, with our motto: To be continued".