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The most interactive show in the world in the mobile music theatre from Losberger


International music show “Vintage” in the mobile event hall Losberger Palas/Greatest challenge for Gregory Charles


The "Vintage" music show in Losberger's "Palas" mobile event hall

A big helping of craziness, and my lifelong dream – that's how Gregory Charles defines "Vintage", his latest project. At the end of May, the Canadian entertainer and singer is starting with an idea which really couldn't be wilder: travelling round the world with his own mobile music theatre which seats 1,000 and has a large stage. And it was Losberger GmbH, from Bad Rappenau/Fürfeld, which supplied its "Palas" event hall to make everything possible. In addition to the opening show in Montreal, where Charles was born, negotiations are currently taking place with people in Paris, New York and Las Vegas. This time, the organiser's aim is to make it the world's most interactive show.


In addition to the impressive repertoire of the artistes and musicians, the special feature of this new show is that the members of the audience play an active part in the performance. This means that "Vintage" will be different every single evening. The interaction actually begins with the online purchase of the tickets, when the fans are directly asked to prepare their own music profile for their evening. The answers, which are uploaded to the internet, are taken into consideration by Gregory Charles and his team, and form the framework of that particular show. During the evening, the audience can use their mobile phones to vote, in real time, for their favourite songs, and so influence the way that the musical journey develops. The result is that passive observers become active participants who determine the sequence of the programme.

After Charles developed his idea, and while in Canada, he started to look on the internet for a large-volume, temporary hall which can be erected within 9 days and disassembled in 5 or 6. He found that Losberger GmbH could supply what he was looking for. For more than 90 years, the company has been one of the leading manufacturers, sellers and hirers of mobile buildings. Today the Swabian company is a concern which operates world-wide and is at home in the most varied regions and markets. Last year, the new, future-orientated and ultra-modern "Palas" temporary hall was introduced simultaneously to the German and the international event markets, and it is the company's latest and most innovative product. With its cubic architecture and the large-area, horizontal glass facades, the hall provides generous, elegant and optimised floor plans combined with a high level of equipment. This versatility, a side height of 8 metres, and the high-quality German workmanship, coupled with the mobility, were, in the end, the decisive factors for Charles' choice of the Losberger construction.


The "Vintage Theatre" will have its world premiere on May 29 on the Jacques Cartier Pier in Montreal's Old Port, which is a landmark, a tourist attraction and also the venue for the city's numerous events and public festivals. The assembly work commenced on May 4.


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