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"The Losberger Original"


"The Losberger Original" - more than just a tent
We would instantly feel and understand exactly what an "original" is if we encountered a copy or a clone of ourselves. It's not a nice thought at all.


We would instantly feel and understand exactly what an "original" is if we encountered a copy or a clone of ourselves. It's not a nice thought at all. In our field, too, and in the tradition of tent building, we speak of the "original", of the "Losberger Original". With our 90 years of experience of tents, we are now one of the global players. In 1974, Losberger succeeded in introducing the world's first aluminium tent construction as a modular system. And today we are still using the principle of continuous system development.


A tent, you see, isn't always just a tent. We think things through, right down to the tiniest detail. Everything is developed on the basis of a system, which is then adapted to satisfy the customers' individual requirements, from the original joint connectors, the cover tensioning technology "original spindle-fix", the original Dual Keder Technology, the original ClipTex wall, the integrated cable channel in the original floor construction, and all the original Losberger accessories.


Originals are often copied. That isn't difficult - anybody can do it. However, not many companies are able to keep on developing useful, customer-orientated products on a regular basis. That is what makes the difference. Our customers appreciate the original products, because these assure them of on-going product development and optimisation.


"Original Losberger" means the use of high-quality materials, the extremely rigorous selection of suppliers, and careful quality assurance throughout the entire process chain. Our own production facilities with steel and aluminium metalworking shops, joiner's workshop and textile manufacture assure all Losberger's customers that they will always receive optimal processing and material quality. All that is best about "Made in Germany".


We at Losberger have been consistently applying this philosophy for decades, and have made the "Losberger Original" what it has been for 90 years: unique tent variations which combine exclusive design with exceptional quality. 


Looking beyond tents

Everyone who chooses Losberger tents today is not only investing in materials, but is also placing his trust in us. Trust which it is our intention to earn over and over again. This is why we, the Losberger team, accompany our customers as partners, give advice, and involve ourselves in their problems just as if they were our own. To us, long-term partnership, satisfaction and mutual trust are much more important than short-term success. "Original Losberger", you see.

The "Losberger Original" in product and partnership - often copied, but never equalled.