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90 years of Safety


In the manufacturing and marketing of technical products, it is safety which ensures fault-free function without any dangers or risks.


In the manufacturing and marketing of technical products, it is safety which ensures fault-free function without any dangers or risks. What could Losberger point to when it comes to 90 years of safety? What makes our products safe to manufacture and use? Well, first of all we would point out that we are the company which first made it really safe to assemble today's small and large tents - because it was Losberger who invented the aluminium construction with the tarpaulin pull-in system. We could say that, with the German thoroughness which you expect, we follow the strict safety requirements which need to be taken into consideration as regards statics and the manufacture, assembly, maintenance and operation of mobile constructions. Or that the materials used for our covers satisfy international standards in respect of fire behaviour. We could draw your attention to our inspection logs, which document the rigidity of the constructions. We could tell you about our perfectly coordinated modular construction system, proudly show our TÜV certificates, and draw your attention to our constant product tests and optimisations. In this context we might also mention the high-quality of workmanship of our profiles, because they ensure maximum stability, or the advantages of using our tension ropes and anchoring systems. There's no doubt at all that safety starts with details. However, to us, keeping to legal regulations, selecting and using high-quality raw materials and the on-going development of products are only the basis for excellent quality and high product safety.

All these details combine to create an integrated product which we can safely hand over to you - in which you will stand, celebrate, store or present things later on. This doesn't mean that the safety features must always be visible - what is important is that they function. And this is where Losberger standards start, backed up by our better-than-average level of know-how and our competence, the high standard of precision and, in the work process, the exact examination of the erection site, professional organisation, the skilled inspection of each individual pole or truss, the professional setting-up, the great care taken by our supervisors or the strict checking during the final acceptance procedure. It is our 90 years of experience which have led to this safety-related philosophy. We call it Active Safety, and we use it to give you an assurance of safety in a specified place and for a specified period of time. Active Safety also means feelings of security, trust, reliability and satisfaction. These are features which you cannot see and touch - but you can certainly sense and experience them. For us, it is absolutely natural that this assurance of security is accompanied by the maximum possible safety of our products. There is no way that you could feel safer or in better hands.