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90 years of Modularity


Thinking systematically leads to modularity.


Thinking systematically leads to modularity. In the course of the 90 years during which we have been dealing with tents and halls, this approach towards developing new products has become increasingly important. In addition, it applies just as much to our routine daily work. Think before you act - this motto saves a lot of unnecessary effort and produces better results.

Losberger products are developed on a modular basis. That is why parts match and fit within the individual product ranges. New products can be combined with old ones. The basic components of a tent series complement each other in a wide variety of ways, always matching each other perfectly, which allows you to change them and to modernise them. Systematically and, in particular, economically, because in many cases you only need to add parts to convert an old tent design into a new one. For our halls, too, modularity is at the forefront of our work, with plenty of scope for individual solutions.


Modularity in thinking and acting: Things must proceed in a logical manner - first the foundations, then the house, check the requirements, then decide on the steps which need to be taken - it's the same in our daily tasks. This is how we consult with suppliers, customers, and also within the Losberger company. Before we promise something, we check to make sure that we can keep our promise - and then we do. There is no other way. Our reward for this is a leading place worldwide among the suppliers of event tents and system halls. Because our partners appreciate modularity. And it's why we want to thank everybody who is involved with us, and why we promise that this approach and attitude isn't going to change at all.