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90 years of Family


♪♪WE are family! ♪♪♪


♪♪WE are family! ♪♪♪

In spite of its size, Losberger is a third-generation, owner-managed, family-run company. We see ourselves as a family, because everybody involved is part of the company. Thanks to the basis of cooperation and trust, a harmonious life has been created, both internally and externally. For the present co-owner, Friedrich Losberger, this means – in addition to all the financial and strategic business decisions – personal commitment and responsibility towards his staff, partners and customers. 

We place long-term partnership with our customers and their satisfaction and mutual trust at the heart of everything we do. To ensure this, we promote an active, open and trusting company culture on a worldwide basis.
 Enjoyment, motivation and trust – these factors are our calling card. Everyone is a part of these, from the owners to the managing director to every single employee, supplier and partner. Here are just a few brief examples of what we are always pleased to hear people say:

“You belong“,
“Like a family“,
“You’re the best“,
“You feel that they understand you and look after you“
“Your employees are your greatest strength“
“Losberger stands for professionalism and understands what the customer needs“
“Social and harmonious cooperation“
“Acting together“
Because of our low staff turnover rates, our employees and customers have often known each other for a very long time. Every year, colleagues celebrate the fact that they are a part of the company as long-term members of the family. In many cases, they did their apprenticeships at Losberger and have a high level of expertise in their field. This inspires mutual trust and, in many cases, leads to long-lasting friendships. 

Being a member of the Losberger team means forming attachments – and not just when work is involved. For decades, willingness to help, colleagueship and friendship have created a close network between people and companies all over the world. Joint events and cross-departmental team and group work encourage and promote communication on both a business and private level. In particular, these include the annual House exhibition and the Christmas party, product training courses, apprenticeships and further training, export meetings, skiing trips, the regular get-togethers by the apprentices, activities which take place within the departments, but also the on-going support given to customers worldwide. This is where we work best together, so that we can understand better, and also be understood better.  

None of this means that there are never any disagreements – after all, what would a family be without conflicts? As the proverb says: “You have to break an egg to make an omelette.” Yet it is here that we find so much potential for good solutions. Our success proves us right: Because communication, willingness to work as a team, and mutual respect are so important to us, every employee, customer and partner sees himself and herself as a part of the Losberger family, identifying himself and herself with the company, living the values of the Losberger family, and, consequently, meeting challenges in an open and constructive way.
That is the responsibility which we all share.   

♪♪WE are family! ♪♪♪
that’s the Losberger way: