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Vodafone Foundation celebrates 25 years of connecting for good.


Celebrations took place at Somerset House’s picturesque courtyard inside a clear 21m uniflex Losberger structure and a 21m Igloo projection dome.


The Vodafone Foundations celebrated 25 years of giving at an event -  ‘Connecting for Good’ - which focused on how the charity implements digital technologies to improve and enrich lives in areas including education, health and disaster relief in the UK and worldwide.


Losberger’s classic 21.3/400 x 25m uniflex frame, with all clear covers, allowed for a panoramic view of Somerset House’s magnificent courtyard. The Losberger structure served as the hospitality area, which led into an innovative 21m geodesic dome provided by 360º projection specialists Igloo Vision.

Inside the dome, Vodafone’s 500 key guests experienced an immersive journey as stories of the Foundation’s partnerships were projected in wraparound 360º using motion graphics, CGI and 5.1 surround sound. 


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