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Ready on the piste, steady, go!


Losberger VIP-Tent for Biathlon-Worldcup in Ruhpolding


So much excitement in Ruhpolding! This year, too, from January 13 to 18, 2015, the elite biathlon athletes spent five days of competition in Ruhpolding's Chiemgau Arena during the 31st IBU World Cup. 

During the spectacular biathlon, in the relay, sprint and mass start, athletes from more than 30 nations competed for victory and points. Losberger's 4,000 m² VIP two-storey tent was a major attraction, with its stylish ambience and an excellent view through a large glass front of the video wall and a section of the competition track.

Thanks to the reliable functionality and high quality of the materials used, such as thermal wall panels, multi-pane insulating glass, thermo roof covers and underfloor heating, those in the tent certainly appreciated the round-the-clock pleasant warmth.


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