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Blues heroes star in a Pink Galaxy, imperial VIP Deck for Graspop


The European festival season is upon us. Hundreds and thousands of people will be enjoying live music in or around Losberger De Boer structures.


Holland International Blues Festival Grolloo

On June 14th and 15th, the small rural town of Grolloo (under 800 inhabitants) became the Blues capital of the Netherlands, as the Holland International Blues Festival drew a large crowd. Legendary acts such as Van Morrison, ZZ Top, and Lynyrd Skynyrd played their bluesy licks in Losberger De Boer’s immense Pink Galaxy tent. 

This pink giant is one of the largest tents in the world and can hold up to 20.000 people. Its construction is extremely suited for live music, with great acoustics and more than enough ‘headroom’ for spectacular light shows.


Today (June 21st) marks the start of Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, one of Europe’s biggest festivals with 150.000 attendees and over 120 acts.  

All these people and performing artists (and their crews) need a place to eat, drink and freshen up. Losberger De Boer provided Graspop with multiple structures, ranging from backstage rooms and breakfast tents to all the large sanitary buildings at the campsites. The most eye-catching accommodation is the brand new VIP deck. For the first time at Graspop, Losberger De Boer utilized its majestic Emperor to host all the VIP guests. With its transparent walls, covered terraces, and stylish interior, the Emperor is a high-end hospitality facility befitting Graspop’s status as one of the larger European festivals.


This summer, Losberger De Boer’s space solutions contribute to the festival spirit of hundreds and thousands of people at numerous festivals of all shapes and sizes.