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Special modules against Ebola


Losberger develop medical vacuum tents for the World’s first evacuation aircraft for Ebola patients.


Converted Lufthansa Jumbo Jet Airbus A340 the ‘Robert Koch’ now serves as the world’s first evacuation aircraft for Ebola patients using Losberger 3-chamber medical vacuum tents. Medical staff from Europe have united together to combat the Ebola epidemic in Africa; medical professionals posted from Germany and the rest of Europe will now have access to urgent medical help that will ensure they are flown home quickly for specialist treatment in the unfortunate event of infection.


Providing this urgent medical help is the German federal Foreign Minister and Federal Minister of Health, who accepted receipt of the world’s first evacuation aircraft for transporting and treating Ebola patients on behalf of the German government. This evacuation aircraft is a specially converted Lufthansa passenger jumbo jet Airbus A 340-300; Lufthansa handed over this Airbus for Ebola patient humanitarian evacuation flights on the 27th November.


Lufthansa technicians were responsible for the installation of the isolation ward in this wide bodied aircraft; this project was undertaken within exceptionally narrow time frame. Lufthansa were joined by a team of specialists in medical facility logistics systems, including the Robert Koch institute; responsible for disease control and prevention and mobile structure specialist Losberger together with their sister company Losberger RDS. Under its new name, the “Robert Koch”, the aircraft now serves as the world’s only evacuation facility for highly contagious patients. This new facility will provide comprehensive intensive care on board and during the flight.


At the core of the medical unit there are three interconnected textile vacuum cabins that are hermetically sealed with an isolated air supply and extraction system. Losberger designed, developed and delivered this specialist system in just three weeks. In the event of a health worker becoming infected in the outbreak areas they can now be moved safely and quickly to suitable hospitals in Europe for specialist care.


Ground breaking technology

In developing this medical unit for the Airbus Losberger have installed state of the art ground breaking technology; technology that was essential to meet the extremely high safety standards and the potential hazards during the transportation of these patients. The three 4.00 x 4.00 m wide and 2.15 m high modular cabins are connected by locks, such as those used in hospitals isolation wards and have self-contained vacuum and filter units. The first, “non-critical” module serves as a dressing room for protective clothing for medical staff. This is followed by a module where the medical team are decontaminated after attending to the patients. The third module is the patient area and contains all the necessary medical equipment and devices.


Patent Pending

These specialist lightweight hermetic isolation modules were designed and manufactured from one complete piece with an integrated floor plan and specially sealed module access. A challenge for Losberger was the latent threat of cabin depressurisation, which is to be expected during a flight. In the event of a pressure drop the textile cabin modules would extend to about three times their original volume, the protective effect of the isolation unit would be compromised. Therefore, this patented solution provides an output connected to the patient module, made of heavy plastic this output lays flat behind the isolation cabin, in the event of over-pressurisation the over pressure valve regulates pressure levels in the medical tents and inflates the output like a balloon, this stroke of genius was jointly created by Losberger and Lufthansa, patent pending.


About Losberger

Losberger was founded in 1919, initially producers of canvas awnings and event tents, is now one of the world's leading companies in mobile structures and specialises in many areas, such as; event tents, marquees, aircraft hangars, warehouses and airport terminals, industrial tents and temporary structures for trade and commerce. Losberger also provide a variety of temporary space solutions for military, civil defence, emergency services, disaster prevention and aid organisations. In addition to the sale of temporary structures, industrial buildings and event tents, Losberger also operate in the rental market for temporary structure solutions with over 650,000 m² of event tents and industrial halls.




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The evacuation aircraft brings Ebola patients for treatment on board in Losberger isolation wards.