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New name for GRAEFF Container GmbH/Losberger steel halls are moving


On 01/05/2015, the company, which has been part of the Losberger Group since 01/08/2012, changed its name to Losberger Modular Systems GmbH.


Losberger Modular Systems GmbH

This is the final official step to what has been a very successful integration. As with all companies in the Group, the long-established company based in Mannheim now bears Losberger in its name.

Since Losberger's involvement, the company has developed exceptionally well. In its first year of business, the company was already able to boast yet another positive balance sheet. The number of personnel rose from 51 to 77. The company is also expecting to increase its turnover significantly in 2015.

Going forward, Losberger Modular Systems will process its industry warehouse sales from Mannheim, which will increase the efficiency of its processes according to Losberger. Until now, this has been done in both Bad Rappenau near Heilbronn and Mannheim.

The Losberger Group:

Losberger was founded in 1919, and is a global leader in temporary structures. The Group's products and services have a presence in many areas. For example, at events, trade shows and exhibitions where tents and tent halls are required; at airports and ports where warehouses, hangars and terminals are used; within industry, trade and commerce where industrial tents and halls are needed, and together with the military, civil defence, emergency services and aid organisations, which require a wide range of temporary solutions. Containers and pavilions can be used for many purposes, including, for example, as salerooms, office buildings, nurseries and exhibitions stands.

In addition to the sale of halls, tents and containers, Losberger also operates in other areas of the market, such as offering its temporary structures for rent. In this field alone, more than half a million m² of rental units are available.


The Losberger Group is made up of companies and subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, Italy, USA, Brazil and China. This, combined with its partnerships, means that Losberger is represented in more than 100 countries. Currently, the Group has more than 750 employees.

Since September 2011, H.I.G. Europe, the European arm of the investment company H.I.G Capital, which focusses on medium-sized businesses, has had a majority stake in Losberger GmbH.