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Cubic, glass, green



In the beginning there was the Losberger Cyclone. With its striking quadratic shape, its open filigree look and a new roof shape, starting in 2010 this new design object quickly made a good impression on the German event and trade fair market. Primarily as a result of the possibility of combining more than one Cyclone element, there are now regularly new rectangular building designs in the small tent sector. In 2012, Losberger introduced Palas, a cube-shaped, variable, large-volume trade fair and event hall. With its attractive looks and a combination of flat-angled saddle roof, Attika and 8-metre high side, Palas offers an amazing range of design opportunities - both inside and outside.

Now Losberger is adding to the centrefield and the new Kubo is playing its part in rectangular tent design. This tent type, based on Losberger's P1 and P3N large tent systems like Palas, has a side height of 4 metres and also shares other special characteristics and features of its big brother. Anyone who feels that a small or party tent is too low, or an event hall is too big, will find the perfect solution in Kubo.

"Ever since the market launch of Palas, we had also planned a linear, single-storey version which would impress everybody with its cubic look and feel, balanced proportions and masterful architectural tone," reports Martin Schatz, who is in charge of Losberger's event tent renting department. In 2013, Kubo was introduced at Losberger's INTERTENT tent and event trade fair - and it really stood out: A geometric shape which concentrates on clear, rectangular lines, generously-sized design areas on the external facade. In addition, there is plenty of space and light inside, which subtly underlines the sense of being in a large room. The basic shape of the tent is a saddle roof with an angle of only 7 degrees and a circumferential, 1.5 metre high Attika which functions as an architectural element and advertising space.

Just like Palas, Kubo is only supplied with a thermo roof cover. Thanks to its pressure-controlled air pad, the twin-layer roof covering, which is manufactured with membrane technology, provides considerably improved heat insulation. Condensation on the underside of the roof cover is prevented. Horizontal window elements which reach down to the ground provide maximum transparency with a high level of energy-related efficiency because heat protection glass is used. At the same time, they give the room its impressive width and attractive features. New, horizontal thermo wall cassettes with a filigree look ensure excellent heat protection. High-grade building materials make Kubo an object which is as unique as it is impressive. They provide better heat protection and improved energy efficiency, which also means sustainable tent development within Losberger's range of products. Depending on individual requirements, of course it is also possible to select conventional plastic or glass vertical wall elements for the facades.

Used in conjunction with the cubic main body, all facade elements offer attractive opportunities for use and design. For branding and advertising messages in particular, Kubo provides generously-sized design areas with a facade system which was integrated in the existing Losberger tent system and does not require a separate complicated scaffolding substructure. By using the facade banners, organisers and companies can impressively present their own Kubo in their individual corporate design.

Kubo represents a design object for use at events and trade fairs, and its rectangular shape, ceiling height and generously-sized design surfaces always attract the maximum of attention, coupled with a positive image. In view of the newly-developed, innovative system modules for improving energy efficiency in the roof and wall area, things are looking really good for this high-quality type of tent systems. Future-oriented technology, premium quality and flexible solutions - with Kubo, Losberger offers a tried-and-tested solution, i.e. a new, functional, creative space concept.

At the BoE (Best of Events), the two-day trade fair for events, live-marketing and organisation service held in Dortmund in January 2014, the Losberger Kubo is on display with its horizontal glass elements and thermo wall cassettes, and also its imposing facade system for large graphic and advertising banners. BoE, Hall 4, Stand A36


Cubic, glass, green