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Re-invigorating the event industry



Inspiration for the Event Industry– INTERTENT2015

28. International specialised trade fair INTERTENT comes to a successful close / Motto promised a lot and Losberger did not disappoint

The three-day specialised trade fair INTERTENT came to a close mid-November after setting a new attendance record. More than 1,650 professional visitors and guests from 40 countries around the world came to Bad Rappenau to find out more about innovations and trends in the tent, event and trade fair industry. Compared to the previous trade fair held two years ago, the number of professional visitors increased by more than 10%, with Losberger reporting an increase in visitors of 25% on the first day of the trade fair alone. Undoubtedly, this was also due to the inclusion of the AGM of Famab - Verband direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V., which was held in a custom-built provisional conference hall on the Losberger site. "We are pleased that the Management Board of Famab has accepted our invitation this year, reports Matthias Raff, Managing Director of Losberger, "this means that INTERTENT will clearly receive a boost and is positioned to cater to an audience of experts from the trade fair, marketing and event industries". The motto of this year's trade fair was "Discover new possibilities".

Innovative products, inspiring specialist presentations and a large exhibition area with renowned exhibitors from the industry: With a comprehensive fringe programme at INTERTENT2015, Losberger in its capacity as host, organiser and exhibitor, created a valuable platform for knowledge transfer in the tent and event market. The range of this year's presentation and conference programme was broad and comprehensive. It offered insights into new possibilities with regard to tent architecture, sustainability in the event market, trends in experience marketing and legal knowledge tailored to events. Professionals and industry experts from renowned agencies and companies reported on the latest developments and trends in live communication. Top exhibitors also presented new products, services and concepts in interesting short-cut presentations and at their stands. Matthias Raff: "We have been working successfully to ensure that INTERTENT becomes one of the key international industry meeting points for mobile room solutions and event services".

The communicative concept of the specialised trade fair also included an opportunity to network with other participants and experts. The appealing evening programme, whose motto was "Move with Passion", involved many internationally renowned artists and provided the best framework for industry networking at the highest level.

Neumann&Müller supported this year's INTERTENT by providing innovative event technology, hms easy stretch GmbH and Event Rent GmbH were outfitter partners, Helot ensured a reliable energy supply and a good indoor climate. Arena One from Munich ensured visitors did not go hungry and provided premium catering and top service on all three days of the trade fair.

Discover new possibilities

The INTERTENT motto "Discover new possibilities" promised a lot and Losberger did not disappoint. The latest tent forms featuring many new designs could be seen alongside new products. The Losberger Garden Cottage, which has been successful in the market for quite some time, was expanded by the new small tent series Garden Evolution. Three new forms, compatible with the tried-and-tested Garden Modular System can now be combined in many different ways. Thus, new layouts and mounting options are
created, rounding off the Garden Cottage range.

In addition to the Losberger Cyclone, a glazed version of the Losberger Volcano with a distinctive roof shape will also be on offer in the future as the traditional volcanic cone. Together with the Cyclone, the product is the high-grade alternative to the traditional glass pagoda. Similar to the standard pagoda with lateral elements from textile material, a new more affordable cyclone model with curtains is being introduced to the market, with the lining on offer closed and transparent.

In the large tent section, Losberger exhibited a high-quality and refined pent roof model, which served a 45-metre-long drop-in-centre for visitor accreditation this year and provided space for many stands. As one of the main tents on view, the pent roof was considered an architectural highlight of the exhibition and made a lasting impression reaching up to 6.50 m by the High Wall. In addition, the open-plan, cross-storey, horizontal window elements produced a modern structure that is floor-level, flush with the facade and harmonious-looking.

Indeed, the enhancement of the products was the main focus of the large tent area. The gable set back by five metres on the upper floor of the Palas, for example, which creates a spacious, canopied balcony. Apart from the cubic tents Palas and Kubo, many additional products, now have the Losberger Thermoplanes, and the two-storied model Losberger Emporium Arcum (round arch roof) was presented at INTERTENT reaching to a lateral height of eight metres.

With Kubo, Losberger once again demonstrated its technological leadership in the tent market. Heat-insulating elements such as a thermal wall panel, insulated glazing and a thermal roof awning combined with a sophisticated, modern floor heating system all highlighted the trend towards sustainability required by the market. As the first company in the tent industry to do so, Losberger presented the results of a commissioned study, in which energy savings of at least 20 percent were demonstrated in a practical test
based on a thermal building simulation. Insulated and non-insulated versions of the Kubo were compared as well as the impact of different designs on heating and cooling energy requirements.

However, the biggest highlight of this year's INTERTENT towered over the entire exhibition in the form of a gable roof model: the new Losberger maniflex P10 profile. The new structure P10, combined  with the modularity of the fittings of Losberger P1- and P3N systems, now open up new possibilities in terms of unsupported span and required room height. The P10 allows Losberger to erect up to a span of 60 metres in any length and using lateral heights of up to 6.80 m. A maxiflex P10 with 50 m unsupported span and an

eaves height of 8 metres was displayed at INTERTENT. 

"INTERTENT has undoubtedly become the tent industry's leading trade fair”, sums up CEO Raff, "and it also presents a diverse range of products, which in addition to countless tent products are optimally deployed in various fields at events and also re-invigorate the market.

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