• Container modules
  • Container complex as hostel
  • Container complex as club house
  • Room module as office building
  • Container complex as hostel
  • Combinated unit with container as office annex


The right module for every application

  • Office module two-storey
Office building three-storey Container complex as hostel

Whether it is simple containers or room modules with a particularly challenging layout, our 3001 PLUS standard container always forms the foundation for this. It can be equipped and combined in many different ways.


As such, you always get the space solution that you need: from straightforward storage containers, to high-tech modules in different design versions that can be used for exhibitions, sales or administration – or even modules for childcare and schooling. Thanks to such versatility, we always meet all the requirements for high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective construction.

Why not see for yourself? Read about some of the projects we have already completed.

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