• Presentation pavilion with glass facade
  • Office Amaro
  • Office pavilion
  • Office building three-storey

Room modules and pavilions

Connecting aesthetics and functionality

  • Combinated unit with container annex
  • Room module as bakery shop
  • Office building three-storey
  • Office pavilion two-storey
Office Amaro Office modules two-storey

The variety of planning options offered by our room modules is clear, for example, when constructing office buildings or exhibitions and showrooms – this is precisely where the connection between ambience and functionality is important.


Of course, when it comes to customising spaces and design, every company has different visions and ideas. To this end, our flexible modular system provides a variety of solutions, starting with individually designed floor plans, featuring generous glass frontages as well as facade elements in many colours and materials. All this can ensure that your new building has a unique look.


For many years, we have been putting together our modular systems for community and private sponsors, kindergartens, schools and canteens. From doing so, we first of all have a wealth of experience, and secondly, are constantly up to date with the latest innovations relating to building specifications and the technology required for these. This ensures that your construction is executed perfectly, as well guaranteeing a high level of convenience for you.