Built-in and finishing elements

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  • Additional Elements
  • Additional Elements

Connecting wall elements can be both curtains and cassette and glass elements. In addition tent entrance/ and exit doors as built-in elements not only enhance the appearance of a tent, they also clearly define the entrance area to the tent or to the event and trade-fair hall. However, the essential prerequisite for fitting them is to provide a floor for the tent.

All Losberger door elements are lockable and equipped with the appropriate emergency /security bolts. Access ramps guaranteeing freedom from barriers or safe handrails for stairs and balconies can be rented in addition as supplementary attachments.

Rain gutters as connecting elements between several tents (e.g. adjoining structures construction) as well as set-back gables as protection and roofing for tent entrance areas are further attachment possibilities.

Integrated stage elements, rostrums, catwalks or grandstand systems are also no problem.