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Party tents & walkways

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  • Party tents, Walkways
  • Party tents, Walkways
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Party tents, Walkways Party tents, Walkways

Party tents from Losberger De Boer represent the probably most mature and most topical range of tents available worldwide in quality, appearance, breadth of products and possibilities of combination. 


From the smallest component of 3 times 3 metres to star-shaped, meandering or circular ensembles, hardly any limits are set to the scope for design. They can be used for the most varied event formats: Anniversaries, weddings, company events, exhibitions or other VIP events.

Losberger De Boer party tents offer room for your quite individual space design. Side heights of 2.3 and 2.5-2.6 metres, as well as spans of up to 30 metres produce a special space feeling. 
Provided with a varied roof architecture, like the unmistakable Orion, the different system components allow the staging of attractive tent landscapes with inner courtyards, promenades and communication areas. 

Apart from PVC curtains, wall elements made of glass or plastic with system cassette floors and door units are available. Further equipment variants, such as transparent roof/gable covers, etc. are also possible.


Walkways - A safe connection


Walkways are covered connecting and principal passageways. They shorten distances, show your guests the way and create crossing-points. They are suitable as an annex to emphasise the entrance areas or as porches of other tent units or buildings. 

Our walkways can be extended in length to a virtually unlimited extent and also adapt to the grounds concerned with curve elements.

 As a rule, these tent elements are provided with PVC curtains, but optionally also with windows. The roof can be finished to choice as an Arcum (round arch) or a conventional gable roof. Depending on the weather or your individually required appearance, floor elements can be fitted. Simply ask us about the possibilities for your event.