Peak tents

Stylish, versatile and always the right choice

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Goodwood Festival of Speed Pagoda ZLF 2016

With their characteristic appearance and first class material, the Losberger De Boer peak tents are suitable for every event.

With their great room volume and the curved roof shapes, pagodas are related to the traditional Asian culture.

Apart from striking peaked roofs, as for Chalet and Acropolis, the Losberger De Boer product portfolio also embraces dome-shaped roofs as for the Chalet Dome. Considering the appealing design and the chance to build them either alone or in ensembles, peak tents enable attractive room architecture for many applications.

Our peak tents differ in lengths and shapes, can be combined easily and additionally equipped with rain gutters and crossovers. Moreover, they are available with cassette flooring, pvc covers and wall panels out of sandwich or glass elements, in order to serve your needs and wishes.