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Special tents

Special features in shape and equipment

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  • bauma 2016 Kubo
  • Goodwood 2017 Kubo
  • Longines Record Club 2018 Kubo

Our many-sided range of tents and halls makes nearly every size, shape and equipment possible, as well as a great variety of possibilities of combining a mobile space for every requirement and every event. But our standard of tent architecture and detailed expansion does not end with that.


Architecturally demanding building shapes, facade designs and roof landscapes, new concepts and perspectives: Here you will find unique, attractive tents and halls, which are remembered in any case – adapted to your wishes and ideas. Nex to the cubic structures, like Palas and Kubo, the Losberger de Boer product portfolio embraces the Panorama, which is a 360°-architecture.


Great passion and commitment for successful presentations and excellent solutions guarantee the exciting implementation of the event, trade fair and promotion. In order to ensure that next to no limits are set for organisers’ fantasy, we are always developing new possibilities for the design of temporary buildings.