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Rental pagodas

Exclusive ambience with view

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  • Pagoda Rental
  • Pagoda Rental
Pagoda Rental Pagoda Rental

Pagoda tents are modelled on Asiatic traditional culture, with a large space volume and a curved, sharply tapering roof shape. Apart from this striking, pointed roof as an accent with an attractive outward appearance, an impressive space experience is created inside. Alone or in an ensemble, it offers an attractive tent architecture for many possibilities of use.

With its characteristic aesthetics and a first-class material and manufacturing quality, the Losberger pagoda makes a positive impression at every event.

The pagodas can be connected and extended into rows or groups of any length and shape by gutters and floor transitions. Depending on the type of event and your wishes, Losberger pagodas are provided with system cassette floors and PVC side walls. Integrated arched windows or full-size PVC transparent windows ensure the right view.

The pagodas can also be combined with all other Losberger tent types.

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