What constitutes quality?

3 perspectives on an important subject.

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How is quality actually defined? Depending on context, there are a number of different definitions. Is it ‘only’ about concrete product quality? Or beyond that, also about quality in consulting, service, implementation and after-sale support? Let’s take a first look at product quality:

According to the standard DIN EN ISO 9000:2015-11 (the valid standard for Quality Management) quality indicates the degree to which a product or service complies with the existing requirements. Of course, these are only very general and theoretical definitions.

To gain a more concrete understanding of how the term quality is defined by Losberger and why premium quality is of principal importance to us, we will look at the term quality from different perspectives below.




By smart brains, precise hands and strict eyes.

Learn how quality is created within a company.

Premium quality doesn’t fall from the sky. On the contrary! It can only arise from consistent compliance with strict standards, whether these are related to the design and construction of new products, manufacturing, post-processing, quality management or ensuring seamless processes and services. But how does this work in detail? And what effort is required for a company to ensure premium quality on all levels?


You can read all the answers to all questions around the creation of quality at Losberger here.

Origin as quality seal

Why particularly German products stand for special quality worldwide

We Germans are famous for many things in this world: our punctuality and reliability, our beer – and last but not least, for the excellent quality of German products, whether cars, washing machines, shoes or tents. “Made in Germany” has been both a unique and an uninterrupted success story for over a century.


Read here why particularly German companies, one of which is Losberger, have been known for their excellent quality for many years.

Quality certificates

The purpose and meaning of certifications

To be able to be sure is a comforting feeling. It is no surprise that certifications have mattered especially for larger investments for many years. The interesting part is: Many of the standards serving as basis worldwide were developed in Germany. But which certifications play the most important role in the area of mobile space solutions? And what do they stand for?


Here you will find the all answers related to the meaning and purpose of certifications.

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