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Response to the stream of refugees:

Combining quality, speed and empathy

The refugee crisis is still confronting Europe with enormous challenges, one of which is creating additional living space for thousands of people. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to manufacture and erect mobile space solutions such as tents, halls (e.g. light-construction halls) and containers (e.g. habitation modules) in the shortest possible period of time. This is a situation which represents a real challenge even for the professionals in the sector.

Many cynics may be thinking, “Well, it doesn't take long to put a tent up”, and this is true for a simple event tent. However, in this current case, people need to think far ahead. In most situations it is necessary to provide the refugees with housing in which they may easily be living for several weeks or even months.

Fortunately, special tent solutions are extremely suitable as an alternative for rapid deployment. It is true that these modular units, designed as living accommodation, have a classic aluminium frame like those used for tents – however, they are very different from what most people imagine to be a tent. This is why we talk about “housing units” which have demonstrated their worth in the best possible way. They are designed to cope with both extreme temperatures and snowfall, they are elaborately insulated, and, because some areas are separate, they give the people who live in them the required amount of privacy.

In Bremen, at the end of 2015, Losberger built accommodation for refugees which can be used all year round.  In the “Kaffee Quartier” in the Überseestadt part of Bremen, 400 refugees were able to spend the winter in ten tents which were heated and equipped with flooring and insulated windows. Admittedly, it was emergency accommodation, but storms, ice and snow didn't make evacuation necessary as was the case – several times – with other tent solutions. There is also an additional supply tent which provides support for colleagues, a doctor and even child care. The first occupants moved in before Christmas, while construction work was still continuing. Our ability to react quickly to sudden unexpected events is not only due to the nature of our business, but also to our experience of dealing with such emergency situations.

There can be no doubt at all: the manufacture and erection of mobile accommodation solutions which offer a minimum of privacy require time and the necessary experience. Take r word for it: every single one of our employees does his and her very best to play their part in meeting the current challenge by making use of our experience and quality.