Environmental Protection

From Product to Person

In a modern world of climbing energy prices and limited resources it’s important to consider sustainable management and the future of our environment to ensure growth and environmental stability for the future of our business and employees. We therefore set environmentally aware targets for both  internal and external processes. 

Responsibility for a company’s environmental protection usually lies with the management, however we ensure each individual at Losberger is urged to become environmentally aware in both their working and private lives.


In order to help preserve and protect the environment, we follow these environmental guidelines


Our industrial processes are optimised so as to minimise negative effects on the environment. We reduce emissions as well as the usage of raw materials and energy.


Production process

Our production processes are regularly assessed with regard to environmental compatibility and adjusted or improved if required. 


We see to it that waste is avoided and that unavoidable waste is utilised or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and if possible recycled. We continuously monitor our procedures to avoid, reduce, recycle and dispose of waste in our company.



Scarce resources such as, water, energy and raw materials are managed in an economical manner. Where we can we aim to reduce the consumption of these resources and recycle when we can



We train our staff on environmental awareness and involve them in environmental procedures within our company.


Executive personnel

We regard environmental protection as a managerial duty; therefore our executive personnel have the responsibility for the implementation of  all environmental and sustainable targets.


Open information policy

We inform the public regularly about environmental effects and our efforts in environmental protection. We seek open, objective and critical dialogue with customers, suppliers and the public.


EMAS Principles of action

We undertake in accordance with the EMAS principles of action to comply with the relevant environmental regulations as well as to continually improve our environmental performance. We also take suppliers into consideration who implement environmental management systems.