Losberger De Boer UK

Who we are
Experts in Temporary Structures, Event Tent Systems, Modular Construction and Event Interiors. Founded in 1998 Losberger De Boer UK is part of the international Losberger De Boer Group


In the UK the Losberger De Boer brand creates an extensive product portfolio of temporary structures and event solutions. The increased scale and combined complementary skillsets of Losberger and De Boer covers the entire value chain for our customers from innovation and engineering, through to project management and delivery.


Losberger De Boer aim to be the ‘go to’ event solutions provider in the UK, offering new and innovative structure, whilst continuing to demonstrate our capabilities of managing complex projects and logistics, delivering events safely to a very high standard.


Together we are stronger, Losberger De Boer are a credible and reliable partner for all event professionals.