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Losberger’s temporary event structure solutions guarantee a relaxed, comfortable and suitable environment for all your conference needs.  A great conference venue requires easy access, in a prime location, near to good transport links; and most importantly the space needs to have the right specifications for your particular requirements. Choosing a Losberger temporary event structure you can tick all of these boxes and more, temporary event structures allow you to have the freedom of design, layout, size, location, technology, time frames and even the interior décor!



Concerned about acoustics in a temporary space? You needn’t be, we have extensive experience in event structure acoustics, we realise this is an important factor when choosing a conference facility, Losberger have provided secure and highly confidential conference facilities for high profile conferences including inquests at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. We have designed and manufactured soundproof, insulated interiors which provide privacy, reduce distractions and unwanted external noise, improving productivity and overall delegate experience.



Whether a convention, conference, congress, presentation or general meeting. Losberger creates mobile spaces which are ideal for tailor made environments to suit your specific conference needs, opt for natural daylight, ambient lighting, and blackout areas for presentations, easy to use air-conditioning systems, stages, annexes, terraces, catering areas and much more.  Benefit from our detailed design features such as hidden service channels for running pipes and cables, anti-panic safety handles on our sophisticated doors, covered walkways,  interiors with or without sound proofing, stairs, landings and ramps that meet DDA regs, all built to current CDM regulations.


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