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Taking your product to the masses!

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Event tents are ideal for temporary retail space, pop up stores, proximity marketing and experiential marketing events. Launch a new product, sponsor an event, or reach out to new and wider audiences by being at the right place at the right time.

Pop up shops in event tents can be in situ in just a matter of days. Sell merchandise or services of any type, from fashion, food and technology to insurance or luxury brands. Pop up retail in event tents create a real ‘buzz’ making retail space interactive, creative and extremely engaging, not to mention the social media hype that can be instigated around them boosting brand awareness.

We are seeing an increasing demand for pop up shops in our event tents, draw in a crowd from all angels with our glass box and cubic event tent designs and thanks to our clever facades we provide a blank canvas to add branding and themes, we can even do this bit for you if you like!

Losberger retail event tents are ideal for high footfall areas such as city centres, stations, shopping centres and festivals, benefit from being able to time your campaigns with local and major events. Test the water, find new markets and launch new products, choose any size event tent; and thanks to their modularity re-locate your pop up shop anywhere with no restrictions in sizes or location. Save money with temporary retail space, temporary space is cheaper to run than a traditional shop and usually paid for upfront, allowing a much quicker way to assess return on investment.  


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