• Production hall Geocell Type KI
  • Sales room Grüneissl Type KI
  • Petrol station Paulich Type KI
  • Industry tents two-span Type Alu

Bespoke space for all industrial applications

  • Presentation hall with glass facade
  • Production hall as monopitch
  • Warehouse tent Stora Enso indoor
  • Warehouse Triuso
  • Production hall Geocell indoor

Warehouse tent Type Alu

Sales room Würth outdoor

Losberger industrial buildings and temporary warehouses are used for numerous fields of application in the most varied of industries: from storage facilities, in which your goods are protected from the elements, to a production hall equipped with the windows, roller shutter doors, ramps, crane runways, etc.


Complement your industrial buildings solution with our inviting salesrooms, which boast spacious display windows and a welcoming entrance area.

Our project managers and team of specialist engineers will prepare the right space concept for your intended use, keeping you in the loop at all stages.


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