Remediation and recycling

Protection against the elements during ground works

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  • Protect your materials from environmental impacts
  • Hall for recycling PD Chemiepark
  • Recycling Soil Rehab
  • Recycling Soil Rehab

Losberger containment structures are the perfect solution for your environmental remediation site. We provide containment solutions and remediation enclosures for many environmental clean-up applications, including soil remediation, odour and emissions control.


With Losberger enclosures you can ensure that ground works, building, soil clean-up or re-development works are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Allowing environment protection and defence against weather penetration.  These enclosures can be shifted within a short time in accordance with the progress of work.


Losberger steel buildings and tents are the economical alternative for soil clean-up, recycling and separation of recyclable materials. They enable, the pre-treatment or biological preparation of contaminated soils protected from the weather, and for recycling applications they allow collected re-usable materials to be kept dry, stored and correctly sorted.