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Room for growth

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  • Mobile storage space for airports
  • Flexible space for harbour areas
  • Our storage solutions for French airport Charles de Gaulle
  • At Amsterdam Harbour: Flexible space for individual needs

Do you need to solve space requirements at short notice during bottlenecks in production? Or do you need to invest in additional long term space capacities for warehouses and logistics? Either way we have the right solution for you!


The design and equipment possibilities from the Losberger range of industrial buildings and temporary warehouses range from a simple, non-insulated industrial tent to a fully insulated, permanent storage hall. Your new storage hall or industrial tent can be supplied and erected in a matter of days and thus quickly at your disposal. If you decide on the permanent variant, you have the choice of a wide range of roller shutters, doors, windows, etc. – exactly in accordance with your requirements and personal taste!


Losberger storage halls and industrial tents are also suitable for space requirements during expansions, re-locations, re-fits and commissioning.  Thanks to their modularity your building remains flexible; opt to extend, re-locate, connect to other structures, etc.


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