• Container complex as hostel
  • Pavilion as trade show booth
  • Room module as kindergarten
  • Pavilion as trade show booth
  • Room module as sales shop
  • Presentation pavilion

Modular construction, remain flexible, go green!

  • Presentation pavilion
  • School as room modules
  • Office complex two-storey
  • Office Amaro
  • Bakery pavilion room modules

Bakery shop Mohr indoor

Office complex two-storey

Thanks to their modular structure, our containers and room module space systems remain flexible and can be used in many applications. From a simple accommodation and storage container for construction sites, to sales & show rooms, marketing suites or office buildings, they can even be used in setting up entire building complexes for nurseries, schools and universities


Go green! Modular construction uses lean manufacturing techniques, modular buildings are prefabricated entire building solutions in deliverable module sections, up to 90% completed off site, reducing environmental impact and producing less material waste. Modular construction can be integrated into built projects or as independent turn-key solutions, delivered with fixtures and interior finishes.

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