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To accelerate productive learning, students of all ages and abilities need to feel comfortable and at ease in their learning environment, this environment should provide 6 fundamental features, good sound insulation and acoustics for undisrupted learning, ideal room temperatures for comfort, unpolluted materials for healthier living, safety for peace of mind, suitable toilet and washrooms facilities and the right lighting, not forgetting full compliance with Part L.


 The Department for Education standards for school premises


For decades Losberger have been providing experts products and services for educational and child care facilities to local authorities and the private sector. With our invaluable experience we ensure that the expectations of the school authorities, and above all those of the children and their parents are fulfilled.


Temporary solutions or permanent buildings, we ensure that children and adolescents of all age groups and abilities, can develop and grow. From the rest room to the classroom, from the common room to the sanitary facilities, each module used has its equipment, individually tailored to the requirements. Even fully furnished hostels for students or senior citizens can be built using our flexible module system.


For John Deere we have built a bespoke work based child care facility for its employees children