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As unique as your company

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Every company has its own requirements in terms of size, equipment and the organisation of its offices. With our flexible modular buildings system, these necessities can be implemented with ease. The advantage of tailor made offices means that investment is only made in the space you need, growing and expanding only when you are ready. Then when an extension is required, it can be implemented without the mess, noise and disruption associated with traditional construction work. Easily and cost effectively add additional rooms or multi levels.


Losberger high specification room modules feature full insulation, double glazing and provide everything you would expect from traditional bricks and mortar, including Part L compliance. These modular buildings are provided as a seamless, turnkey solution with internally plastered walls and ceilings. You decide the finish and colours of walls, ceilings and floors, including all the prerequisites for future proof technology installations.


Losberger modular buildings have the added advantages of; the speed in which they are delivered and installed, their ability to be re-located, significant costs savings associated with modular construction and not forgetting their positive environmental impact, including the use of alternative energy sources and the installation of eco-friendly air-conditioning and heating technologies. Together with our partners we will advise and equip your office building accordingly.


Losberger deliver tailored made buildings with features such as flat exterior finish for flawless branding and interior room divisions specific to your required layouts.



An example of a previous office we have built for Amaro.