Losberger Event Tents at the World Cup

04/09/14, Losberger UK


From June 12th to July 13th, the organisers of the FIFA World Cup 2014 relied on MVD Losberger for the construction of the temporary structures. Losberger event tents were an important part of the infrastructure at several FIFA locations.

The event tents from Losberger were provided during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil primarily for use as organizational, press and meeting areas as well as for the logistics center and “Fan Miles”. Particularly in the stadium locations of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Curitiba, tents from the globally active group of companies were chosen. In the course of this, the diverse experience in providing equipment for large events was one of the main reasons that lead to the choice of Losberger and its subsidiaries as the official tent provider in Brazil.

Event Tents for World Cup They were particularly proud of the temporary construction of the FIFA Head Office and Press Center directly at the Forte de Copacabana, originally a military installation that today houses the Historical Museum of the Brazilian army. From there was a fantastic view of the four kilometer long sand beach, the sugarloaf and the surf of the Atlantic Ocean. The tent hall from the series Maxiflex Arcum was situated in the immediate vicinity of the FIFA Open Media Center; it was 30 m wide and 80 m long and was erected on a special framework construction, which equally served as a useable ground floor. Both levels covered an area of approx. 25,833 square feet and offered room for employees and organizational offices, press rooms and conference rooms.

A further highlight was the temporary transmission rooms and TV studios, which were built for the television production company Host Broadcast Services ( HBS). In the immediate vicinity of the FIFA headquarters and above the Avenida Atlantica, Rio’s most famous beach promenade at the Copacabana, the two-story building easily offered enough room for nine studios, such as Al Jazira, BBC or CNN.

WorldCup2014BrazilLosberger event tents were situated on the area that was used for the historical horseracing track “Hipodromo de Gávea Jockey Club do Rio“, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. The oval inner area of the racetrack was home to the official “World Cup Park” during the FIFA World Cup. There, sponsors, countries and different institutions presented themselves. In the Losberger tents erected in the “Park” over an area of approx. 32,291 square feet, there were fan merchandise shops, different restaurants and lounge clubs with an extensive range of offers. The perfect mixture for all fans who followed the broadcasted games from there in a shirt from their favorite team and well provided for.

During the tournament in Brazil, “Fan Miles” and the associated Public Viewing were again an integral part of the framework program. Each of the 12 FIFA World Cup venues hosted its own official “Fan Fest”, which enabled fans from all around the world to follow their team’s games regardless of the venue and in a real World Cup atmosphere.

In particular, the Fan Fest in Rio de Janeiro, which was situated right on the Copacabana beach, was worth a visit if nothing else, just because of its location. For this purpose, Losberger constructed an approx. 10,763 square foot tent landscape as a VIP area directly on the beach. Thus, both German as well as all other soccer fans could celebrate the fourth star of the national soccer team together at the final match.