Pop Up Shops in Event Tents

17/07/14, Losberger UK


Pop up shops in event tents, it’s all the rage!

Temporary retail, pop-up stores, pop-up shops or experiential marketing; whether retailers are launching a new product, sponsoring an event or reaching out to new audiences. Pop up shops are taking over the way people market a brand, retailers are changing; moving from traditional bricks and mortar to pop up shops, enabling them to get right to their target markets at the right time and in the right places.


EE and BRC get behind pop up shops after research finds they add £2.1bn to UK economy each year

EE and the British Retail Consortium have launched initiatives to back pop-up retailers after research found that they contribute £2.1bn to the UK economy each year and are expected, as a sector, to grow by 8.4 per cent over the next 12 months.


What is a pop up shop?

Pop up shops and pop up retail are temporary retail spaces can be in situ typically from 1 day to 3 months. They market and sell merchandise or services of any type, from fashion, food and technology to insurance or luxury brands. Pop up shops are very successful as they create a ‘buzz’ they offer a new exciting  way to market a product, they can be interactive, creative and extremely engaging, not to mention the social media hype that can be created in conjunction with them.


Pop up shops in event tents 

We are seeing an increasing demand for pop up shops in our event tents, our most popular product for this application seems to be our Energy range and in particular our Cyclones. The units are 5m x 5m x 2.7m and can be joined in any configuration to create the desired size in 5m modules. ‘The glass box’ look of the cyclone draws in a crowd from all angles and thanks to our clever exteriors we can create a blank canvas for any retailer to add their branding. Cyclones can pop up just about anywhere!


Where do retailers install pop up shops?

Usually high footfall areas such as city centres, stations, shopping centres, festivals. Locations are determined by events that are taking place such as the Common Wealth Games, or the Olympics. We built several pop up shops for Samsung around London train Stations during the 2012 Olympics. More recently we have built a pop up fashion cupboard for Elle Magazine for our client Blonstein at the Love Box Festival this weekend in London.


What are the benefits of pop up shops in event tents?

  • Price: is a huge influencing factor, they are cheaper to run than a traditional shop and usually paid for upfront, allowing a much quicker way to assess return on investment. Pop up shops  are 80% cheaper than a traditional shops.
  • Engage: with customers, allows you to personally get to know your customers and build stronger relationships.
  • Reach more & Sell more: Reach more people and sell more goods. Offline purchases are still very popular as many as 85% of shoppers still prefer to see things before they buy.
  • Awareness: Consumers and the media love the buzz generated around popup shops and its a social media gold mine!
  • Test the water: Find new markets and launch new products easier
  • Any size any where: Modular and re-relocatable put your pop up shop anywhere with no restrictions to sizes or locations.
  • Blank Canvas: event tents provide a blank canvas leaving you free to be as creative as you wish, we can even do this bit for you if you like!

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