Temporary Building Hire, respond efficiently to short term changes in your business.

22/11/17, Sarah Campbell


Temporary Building Hire, respond efficiently to short term changes in your business.


How can you respond efficiently to short term changes in your business – those moments when a client wants you to take on more, where you have simply outgrown your existing premises or where a department needs have changed?


Some changes are seasonal whilst others have a longer term impact on your business and using a temporary or semi-permanent structure can offer you a level of organisational agility without compromising on speed of delivery, quality of work area and keen whole-life costs.


Every business will face its’ own key drivers; some logistics companies face a seasonal challenge where space is at a premium and clients are often looking for ‘rubber sided warehouses’ where they want flexibility to expand their operation whilst others need decant office space or retail space to tide them over during redevelopment.


When this happens, Facilities Managers or Site Engineering Managers can turn to a temporary buildings solution provider who are adept at delivering space for a variety of uses in both constrained spaces and challenging deadlines.


When the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) decided that they needed an additional 74 desk spaces to cope with impending international competitions, they reviewed the available options within Lord’s Cricket Ground and local short-term lets in commercial office space.


Taking part of the team off-site would have been counter-productive and the immediate site was land-locked, offering little scope for expansion but it was also identified that their existing (albeit 15 year old) office block had originally been designed to incorporate an additional floor.  This led to the prospect of being able to expand upwards – the only challenge then was how to achieve this over the Winter period with minimal disruption to either their own offices or the wider challenges of a high-profile sporting venue that is open to the public on a daily basis.


A temporary building of 15m x 30m was provided, including a fully integrated floor system, power and data distribution, air-conditioning and generous glazed walls, all of which was delivered some 12m above ground level in a matter of weeks.


Similar challenges can be solved with the use of modular building systems, which offer the best of both worlds; the convenience and speed of a modular pre-fabricated building with the aesthetic appeal and finish of a bespoke design with solutions being provided for retail areas, show-home units or car rental offices.


Losberger De Boer various designs, layouts and finishing elements mean that your brand identity and creativity can be incorporated into the finished facility, creating immediate space that adds long-term value to your business.


Other options can include a steel-framed building, typically offered where clients are looking for large open space where structures can offer 60m clear-span areas for warehousing, factory space, retail or other such purposes.


One such recent requirement saw the team involved in an enabling project at Manchester Airport where the client had a pressing need to provide a departure lounge that could be in place for five years, possibly longer.


This facility was the critical enabler to allow commencement of a £1bn project; the demolition and rebuilding of Terminal 2 under the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme with a steel-framed building of 37.6m x 35m being delivered in an airside location in a matter of weeks.

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