What size event tent do I need?

27/11/17, Sarah Campbell


"What size event tent do I need?"

If your holding any type of event, be it in a temporary structure or a fixed venue, you will need to determine the space you need for the number of guests you have. You also need to consider any other areas required such as; bar, dance floor, stage, VIP, cloak room or presentation space. How your guests will be seated, or standing usually determines the majority of the space you need. 

As a general rule of thumb we tend to say: 

1.5m2 - 2m2 per person seated at round tables 

1.0m2 per person seated at long tables / theatre style 

0.5m2 per person standing 

Our handy event space calculator will do all the hard work for you - Space Planner Tool 

After you have have calculated the size of the area required Losberger can help you establish the costs to hire an event tent of that size. At the bottom of the Space Planner Tool an enquiry form will be populated for you, to save you time.  Alternatively if you are using a fixed venue, you can use the square meter size recommended and take this to the venue of your choice and ask them to provide a cost for a room of a similar size. 

The beauty of event tents and temporary structures is that the event space can be sized to your exact requirements, with services placed wherever is most suited to your event and guests. Fixed venues can be restrictive, you often have to have a room that's slightly too big, which can dull the atmosphere, or a room thats too small that can make the event seen overcrowded and confined. Event tents can be built almost anywhere and any size. Event tents can be internally decorated to look just as good as any fixed venue or hotel, with our clever interior systems.


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