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Modular Building & Plug 'n' Play Room Modules

Experts in modular construction

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Losberger Modular Systems GmbH have been manufacturing premium quality prefabricated modular buildings for over 50 years, and have earned our place as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of temporary buildings. We offer a fantastic selection of modular structures which are built off-site and are suitable for a number of applications including events, trade, retail, marketing suites, accommodation, offices, aviation, and industrial facilities.


Our room modules are formed around our standard container 3001 PLUS, developed in-house, offering highly compatible and combinable solutions.


Why choose modular construction?

Modular construction uses vary considerably, from events and temporary applications to high-rise apartments, student accommodation, warehousing, hotels, hospitals, offices and retail. Modular construction used to be conceived as the ugly duckling of construction however today over 90% of contractors, architects and of engineers use pre-fab modular construction methods and as a result is more design lead.

Lead times  Unlike conventional building, modular construction foundations can be installed simultaneously with the buildings, thanks to pre-fabrication in the factory modular construction is on average 30% quicker to install.


Return on investment  The quicker you’re up and running the sooner your business is making money. The construction and logistics cost are also considerably lower, reducing your initial outlay.


Increased cost savings – Modular construction can cut costs by 20-30%. A shorter build time means less overall labour costs, plus prefab construction uses less skilled tradespeople.


Future Friendly – Modular construction is more energy efficient, with improved thermal values, materials and layouts these buildings cost less to run and are therefore greener. With pre-fabrication completed offsite, there are fewer vehicles needed for the build reducing pollution. Modular manufacturing produces less waste and the materials used are easier to recycle.

Modular construction success stories 


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