BS EN 13782:2015

To whom it may concern,

As independent structural engineers with an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the events and temporary structures industry, we at Mead Structures strongly advise that event organisers and temporary structure suppliers follow the guidelines set out in BS EN 13782:2015 in relation to temporary installed tents. Whilst currently not a legal requirement it is an industry standard with guidelines designed to be followed in full by temporary structure manufacturers and suppliers ensuring the safety of employees, the public and others at an event or venue who could be affected by the construction and use of a Temporary Structures. BS EN 13782:2015 specifies the safety requirements needing to be observed consideration the calculations, design, correct installation, manufacture, operation, examination and testing of mobile temporary installed tents and marquees with a covered area of more than 50m².

Losberger tented temporary structures are accompanied by a site specific conformity report prepared by Mead Structures certifying the compliance with the guidelines set out In BS EN 13782:2015

Richard Wigmore, Mead Structures

Mead Structures