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  • Skate 1075 x 245
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Small Event Tents

Small in size, big on quality

  • Volcan 499x499
  • Samsung II 499x499
  • Samsung 499 x 499
  • PorscheCafe 499x499
  • P9 499x499
  • ArcumWalkway 499x499
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Losberger’s high quality small event tent range offers a perfect space solution for any small to medium size event. These small event tents come in a variety of widths from 3m to 15m, in side heights of 2.3 and 2.5m.


Create unique designs and layouts with our array of roof shapes and combinations. Usually supplied with solid and glass panel walls, this range is certainly the most attractive small event tent system you will find.



multiflex P7 is our most popular small event tent system, admired for its perfectly tensioned roofs thanks to its spindlefix roofs tension system and its attractive flat wall system. Our P7 range also uses a bolt system which significantly reduces noise associated with frame movement. Our P7 is widely used for intimate events private and corporate events.


Multiflex P9 is our most diverse product in terms of shapes and combinations with designs such as peaks, forums, domes, dormers and apses creating eye-catching ensembles ideal for special events. Typically offered with tensioned PVC curtain sides.


Walkways -

Losberger walkways can be used as an annex, porch or simply to provide a covered connection between event tents for the comfort of your guests. Walkways are available in unlimited lengths with the ability to make angled turns. We offer two roof designs; standard or curved (Arcum). Finished with either PVC curtain sides, solid walls or glass and cassette floor.



Download: multiflex Basic P7 and multiflex Basic P9


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